Documentation; 04/05/16 – slow progression, and the penultimate days


Sketches of the plan for how mine, Nathan Mullis’ and Julia Hopkins’ work in the space, and how each shall correlate to one another.


The frame, and the branches – resembling a coffin with a dead corpse within.


The past few days have been a bit strange, in the sense that I haven’t achieved much in the way of progress on my work in the space (Despite further crystallisation of the branches, and the cleaning of the space). I have been frustrated, due to waiting around for people to help me with hanging the work, as well as waiting for scaffolding to be built and a harness to hang it from; as well s making Β a mistake of cutting the wood around 10cm lower than the amount I needed, resulting in the need to create another hanging apparatus, which by the time it had finished being built, the people who could help me had already gone home. Nevertheless, I have made progress on my title for the work; and am currently deciding between one of three titles – Synthesis, Spark, or Lazarus (each name holds certain specific connotations to the work, as well as it’s concept and materials symbolism). These conversations have helped to ‘crystallise’ my ideas surrounding the work and it’s conceptual title and the statement to accompany it. Time is moving quickly, and progress is not happening at the moment. I am frustrated, but motivated to finish.


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