Piteous Synthesis – A draft of my final statement for the piece


Like the alchemist, I see my practice as a way of transmuting latent energies in living beings from one form to another. Through the use of carcasses, bones, wood and crystallisation processes I am currently exploring the recurrent concept of transcendence; through the re-animation of ‘dead matter’.
Sculptural and installation contexts are used as a means  of conveying this act of harnessing latent energy that remains within the molecules of the organism, after the ‘soul’ of the being has left it.  In doing so, I am attempting to draw attention to that which is ‘intangible’ (the energy flow of the universe, from dying objects, and eventually into living and growing organisms), by turning it into a tangible physical form. This, much like the work of Dr. Frankenstein within Mary Shelley’s novel, follows the notion of imbuing dead vessels with new life and energy. As well as man’s desire to transcend through the ‘harnessing’ of miracles such as decomposition, crystalisation, and re-animation.

Here, the hand of the artist has taken on the hand of a God, and is continuing the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.


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