Documentation; 27/04/16 –

IMG_0380 IMG_0398 IMG_0400

A series of images of the empty pace that we now call a home; the studios are empty, and an exhibition is coming forward.

13102719_10156787980390024_3444205484805209138_n 13087471_10156787980835024_8505764234669761081_n

I feel much closer to my comrades on the course these past few days, as we have all been pitching in to create the exhibition. It is a slow process, but one that I hope doesn’t end.

This past week, I have been working with my fellow artists as we set up our exhibition; the culmination of three years of research and artistic development over two campuses and a turbulent and incredibly eventful three years. As the space has been reduced to a large gallery space, one feels both sadness, and excitement, for the finale of my university experience. This is an interesting time, and is a valuable experience, due to learning how to put up partition walling and completely changing a space for an art exhibition of this size.

IMG_0383 IMG_0381

I have also moved my ‘cage’ into my space, and have started testing out where it is best suited for catching light; as well as having enough room around the object so that a person can experience the sculpture from all angles (as well as allowing the dominating, giant presence of the sculpture to blend into, as well as command, a rather large space). I have been having some issues with design flaws within the sculpture; mainly due to the fact that the holes for the bolts are too close together, as well as having certain welding flaws – resulting in some bolts being unable to be fastened. However, this does not damage the structural integrity of the piece due to the aforementioned welding, as well as each joint having at least ONE nut and bolt fastening. I am annoyed by my own stupidity in relation to this, but am choosing to leave it as is, with the bolts in the holes; as when the branches are in the frame, attention is drawn to them; resulting in a missing of these flaws. I am excited to see how the final piece looks in the final space; and am anxiously awaiting my time to create!


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