emptiness; the removal of objects, and their continued life


As I clear my space, getting rid of unnecessary works and objects; I cannot help but ruminate upon their lives up until this point, where they came from and where they’re going from here. The objects have taken on my energy, and I have harnessed their energy; a sort of parasitic and symbiotic relationship has occurred between me and the objects I have modified or utilised for my own artistic purposes. An object gains history and energy throughout it’s life, and the constant flow of life ‘energy’ in and out of it attributes to the constant flow of energy in the universe. I wonder where these objects will go now, in their journey to ‘death’ (in the sense that an object returns to nothing, as death is not the end). Will they be utilised by another artist, or by myself, in order to extract and transmute their latent power for artworks? Or will they fall into the hands of another, and be kept by them? or even not kept by them? So that they leave an impression upon the handler and/or viewer, and the energy will bleed into their subconscious. A memory is a powerful thing, and with time, it grows and accumulates context, and other memories connected to it, much like a snowball rolling down a hill.



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