Phosphorous; Beginnings


Our logo for our new artists collective; ‘Phosphorus’.

The name coming from the definition of the element; a substance, that when exposed to air, emits light. Referencing our past two exhibitions; ‘Substance’ and ‘-exposure’, we are also referencing the alchemical understanding of phosphorus; which is that it holds a spirit, as it holds light. Therefore, we are attempting to channel the ‘spirit’ of the Abacus in our current forays into exhibition and artist spaces.


The entrance (plus bags of dust)

DSC00445 DSC00446 DSC00447

The third room, the last to be cleaned and seemingly the most ‘unstable’ according to Jackie, the Landlord (however I feel like it’s fine)


The first room cleaned; with the largest window

DSC00442 DSC00441

The second Room, and so far, the biggest out of the safe rooms we are planning to use

After going to a performance at the Roath Park Pub, and Sarah and Magda doing some research into the space as a prospective exhibition space/studio venue, we talked with the landlady Jackie about the possibility of utilising the attic rooms as temporary studios for the summer until we get a bigger, and better space eventually. Due to not having studios in about a month, we thought it would be highly beneficial to create a space for us as a collective to ‘begin’. In preparation for the studio’s creation, me and sarah went to the space yesterday and cleaned it out. It still needs a mop, but we cleared and swept up about 30 odd years of dust within the attic. Apparently, it seems that no person has spent an extended period of time up in that space for around 30 years. So it’s definitely a unique, interesting space. There are issues with management being able the landlady out at a week’s notice, and also, that would mean we would have to leave immediately. As well as there being issues with the actual stability of some of the rooms that we aren’t using, it’s all quite touch and go. however, this is exciting. Something like this, it fills me with excitement. Why would anyone ever want to be comfortable?


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