Business Cards; A trinity – and development of concepts for the cards


Experiments with hand-drawn designs for my cards; possibility of trinity and alchemical ‘Sun’ symbols as motifs for the cards.


A series of thought and scribbles attempting to boil my practice down to it’s basic, recurring symbols. The trinity re-appears once more, as well as a series of 10 symbols that recur in my work over and over. There is certainly an aesthetic to the work, definitely, it’s interesting when you think about what your practice attempts to understand or achieve through it’s visual language.


My final Business Card designs

After deliberating on a series of designs for my business cards; going through an elimination process of handmade designs, symbols, and a concept of having 4 different designs, each based on a stage of the ‘Magnum Opus’ of Alchemical thought (Red, Black, White and Gold). These colours are often seen within my work, and I was tempted to draw a symbol on each of these cards as a means of highlighting their importance to my practice. Nevertheless, I was drawn to the idea of having mor than one design; but wanted something minimal for the design. Eventually, I settled on the notion of feathers as a symbol of my practice; due to birds being a symbol and conduit for transcendence in my practice, and in some religions throughout history (due to their ability to go from the earthly plane and the heavenly plane due to their ability to fly). I chose a trinity of colours as well for the symbolism of necromancy and re-animation in darker means of worship. White represents life, Black represents death, and Red represents Rebirth. The images also have small pieces of dust and crystal on them; and this shows up on the cards, making the cards hold some form of dusty aesthetic; which I am drawn to. All in all, I am quite excited about these cards; and can’t wait to dish them out!


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