A different trinity of branches; 18/04/16 – a separation within the Frame


Sarah holding the branches as I attempt to view, and hang them in a different way, and prompting me to explore the form demonstrated here; together at the top, and then spreading outwards, instead of the opposite way that has been in my previous iterations of the sculpture.


A different shape within the frame




I have tried out a new form of branches, incorporating one of the branches from my previous ‘trinity’, and the two other much longer and more twisted branches that I have been crystallising in order to view a new perspective on the work. Although the previous trinity started as three separate branches before coming together at the bottom of each of their forms; This piece begins together, and then opens up as it comes closer to the floor. It’s an interesting difference to the previous piece, in the sense that it is almost opposite to the form of the other work. It resembles a series of electrical strikes, and has an interesting ‘story’ within the work; as one, they are combined, and then they split before coming together again. Much like the cycles of life, death and rebirth; and eventual transcendence, each branch has come apart and is now their own entity, before coming back again. Together, and then separate; it reflects the idea that molecules and atoms from a living being are together at one point, before separating and spreading their influence out into the wider universe; the possibility that they will come together once more at some point is interesting, as all energy (and possibly the spirit of a being) continue on throughout eternity until the inevitable heat death of the universe.

This is an interesting development in the work; an interesting ‘growth’, so to speak.


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