Poster design for the Degree Show Afterparty – ‘James’ Greenhouse’

james green house 4 - phosphorous logo

Due to me and Sarah being in charge of organising the after-party for the Degree Show. Through research and favours pulled from people that we know in the cardiff scene, we have been able to rent out the basement of Jacob’s antiques market. As well as get the boys from Blue Honey to DJ at our event. I’m very excited, and have started designing the poster for the exhibition. I have aimed for a posterised, two tone design throughout the poster. I thought that the effect would be interesting, as well as how James’ face has been two-toned as well, so there’s a sense of abstraction within the design. I also have explored another means of design, and that is the ability to make the text look as if it has been highlighted with a mouse. This provides a rather interesting result and aesthetic to the poster, especially when compared to the computer-like text. There’s a lot of humour within the poster, and a lot of people who know James will appreciate the humour.


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