A cycle; Recurring motifs in my work


An object that I ‘bleached white’, in order to objectify the object; ascending it to the realm of a symbol, of form over function, and creating an object that desires to be a brilliant white; but fails, becoming distressed and dirty. This is something I explored within my own crystals growth, and the binding of the branches in white wool; although my intentions were pure, the result is dirty and unclean; much like the intentions of Frankenstein when creating his monster, and the end result.



‘Coop’; one of my first sculptures consisting of found objects and the beginning of ‘constraint’ within my work. The ‘Coop’ was meant to symbolise an emotional state, rather than a specific object or form; representing a fear of chaos, or a lack of control. Much like being ensnared in the ‘mortal coil’ one must live, and one must die, and that is the order of things. Except, for those who transcend the cycle, and ascend to a greater plane, in which we do not continue; we become unique, finding purpose. The ‘Coop’ is possibly one of my favourite sculptures that I created; and yet, has been destroyed by a fallen telephone pole in my Garden. However, it’s spirit lives on in my current work; in the ‘frame’ of the sculpture.


The image of the ‘frame’ has come back once more; re-animated, and far more minimalist than before. The frame is a method of constraint, but also of encasement. Inspired by the work of Francis Bacon, and his ‘psychological frames’ that he used to enclose his flesh-like, tortured and energetic subjects. Likewise, I have utilised the frame as a means of ensnaring the phenomena of decomposition and growth within a steel frame.


‘Belief’ was a ritualistic circle consisting of alchemical, occult, catholic, voodoo, Egyptian mythological and necromantic symbolism and reference with the image of the ‘bird’ a being that I deem able to transcend; due to it’s ability to travel between the planes of earth, and the heavens. In the trinity of works for ‘Substance’, Belief was the ‘rebirth’ sculpture; referencing the nature of re-animation and rebirth through the symbolism of belief, and the act of worship and belief; whether it be through conventional religious means, or those of a ‘darker’ breed. The idea of the piece is that there are a lot of similar motifs and symbols throughout history in order to symbolise, and attempt to understand, life after death. This piece hopes to explore these notions, as well as provide a serene space for contemplation of the symbolism and imagery within the work.


‘Hope’ dealt with more stereotypical and traditional varieties of Western theology and worship, and explored the symbolism and image of the Altar; but with the added symbolism of the bird. ‘Hope’ was an experiment into creating a catholic altar, but if Jesus was a bird. As if the Angels themselves were the important beings, and worthy of worship. For they can achieve what we cannot, free movement between the two planes of existence.


The symbol of the Trinity that I have explored throughout my work for the past three years. Life, Death and Rebirth are the three circles; Between Life and Death exists the notion of ‘Decay‘, between Death and Rebirth is ‘Ascension‘, and between Rebirth and Life is ‘Growth‘. Within the centre of this cycle, and the eventual end goal of humanity and the desire to escape the mortal coil, is Transcendence.


Within the sculpture, Life, Death and Rebirth exist. The piece continues the work I started in first year, and then developed in second year; even referencing the idea of placing a natural process within a cold, metal frame; a concept I explored with my ‘Blood Machines’ earlier in the year. These objects, these motifs, are all cyclical; and interestingly, each work inspires another, and continues on until my work shall reach a point of transcendence.


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