A Trinity; an invisible hanging, and another space


The sculpture, in light, on the third floor

DSC00432 DSC00433

After speakin to David about the position of the work, and how the surrounding environment of the foyer (although very beneficial and adding a lot to the work) is still being utilised by the Illustration course, and therefore I am very unlikely to be able to put the work there during the degree show. However, it was suggested that I WOULD be able to put it up on the third floor, and that the surrounding ‘industrial and minimalist’ aesthetic of the white walls and steel roof and light fittings may add to the work’s symbolism of ‘man-made control’, as well as the synthetic attributes of the work. It did look pretty good when the sun shone on it, and I am trying to decide whether I want an ‘open plan’ format for the sculpture within the space, in order to allow the sun to shine through the windows and onto the sculpture; or whether I want it in an enclosed, square space; in order to objectify and raise it’s individual experience over the shared experience of it, and other works in the exhibition.

DSC00439 DSC00440

As I wandered around the space that I had placed the work in; I began to realise that the fishing wire was an incredibly good idea. Although it is noticeable, it is almost invisible from around ten meters away; and therefore prompts the branches within the sculpture to seem to ‘float’ within it’s steel frame. Also, I have realised that these small ‘glimpses’ of the work through this small passageway is very interesting, as it continues the trend of the work’s environment having parallel lines with the piece that started within the foyer. I have considered placing the sculpture within a ‘square’ space, in which either the corners are open, or there is a small space in each of the walls for the artwork to be viewed through; almost as if it is contained within a temple-like environment. I have also been considering swapping out the branches for others, and the possibility of having more than three branches within the ‘frame’; but I am not so sure about this yet.


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