Documentation; 05/04/16 – An experiment with natural light, and a different environment for the sculpture


The piece looks at home within the space; the repeating parallel lines and the minimalist, industrial aesthetic of the space add to the idea that this is an ‘artificial synthesised version of a natural phenomena’.Β 

DSC00426 DSC00424 DSC00422 DSC00429

Taking the advice of a number of my tutors, I dismantled the piece and re-built it within a space that has a lot of natural light; in order to experience how the sculpture looks in a naturally lit space. Surprisingly to me, it looks even better within the natural light than the artificial light in a dark space. I believe that this is due to the dark space hinting at myself hiding some aspects of the work, and therefore promotes the idea that I am not entirely confident with the work. Whilst discussing the way that it looks in comparison in the natural light, David stated that ‘in the dark space it seems like you are attempting to hide the crystals, and even though the shadows were effective, they are more prominent here. Due to this, we are confronted with the reality of the materials, and are forced to look at the crystals; effectively bringing them to the forefront of the viewer’s consciousness’. I think this is a rather apt description, and therefore, have reconsidered my initial idea about having the work in a dark space. Although there was an interesting chiaroscuro effect that occurred with the lessened light; within the natural light, the piece looks far better; and more confronting to the viewer.


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