30/03/16 – Natural growth within the work’s inspiration, and the importance of the ‘Eros drive’



My crystals, and their natural sibling, Lichen

(image taken from; http://apps.rhs.org.uk/Advice/ACEImages//RHS_PUB0006694_595509.jpg)

As I have been looking at the work more and more, I have come to notice more natural inspirations within the work that I had not noticed before, and the similarities they hold with objects of life and growth within the natural world. As I have begun to think about this piece as a representation of the ‘Eros’ aspects of human psychology, more specifically, the ‘life drives’ of Freudian thought. In which a human being strives psychologically to create life. The wikipedia article on Freudian ‘Life drive’ states;

‘In Freudian psychology, Eros, not to be confused with libido, is not exclusively the sex drive, but our life force, the will to live. It is the desire to create life, and favors productivity and construction. In early psychoanalytic writings, instincts from the Eros were opposed by forces from the ego. But in later psychoanalytic theory, Eros is opposed by the destructive death instinct of Thanatos (death instinct or death drive).’

I believe that this is why I am creating the branches; I aim to create life within these dead objects, an d although this is a rather feminine trait, it is a biological trait in all beings to create and preserve life. Through my experiments with the ‘blood machines’ I was creating at the beginning of this year, I believe that I was once again creating surrogates for my own life and existence. By creating artworks, I place an aspect of my being into the work, allowing me to exist outside of my body, and potentially, even after my remaining life within my body escapes from it’s vessel, and I die.


(image taken from; https://www.arborday.org/trees/planting/graphics/bare-root.jpg)


(image taken from; http://assets.inhabitat.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2012/06/shutterstock-plant-roots.jpg)


Examples of drawings in my sketchbook, resembling roots


My first version of sculpture, in the dark (Resembling roots)

As I travel to university every day, I often cycle down the side of the river bank when not catching a bus. As I go amongst the trees, I have noticed the way that this journey has influenced this body of work. My branches were found down by this river bank, and taken from the remnants of trees that have fallen from the harsh winds and storms that we have been experiencing this past year. The crystals themselves look like the Lichen and fungus that grows on the bark of trees, and the branches themselves, as they hang down within the frame, resemble roots burying themselves deeper into the earth. A root reaches down into the earth, and absorbs the nutrients of other beings that become one with the earth once more. I had not thought about these similarities, and the way that the colour scheme resembles the heavenly scheme of White and Gold; and yet, also resembles these symbols of growth and re-animation. For a plant can grow once more if it’s roots still exist, and mold and fungus will always grow on an object; breaking it down and continuing the cycle of life, death & Rebirth within nature.


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