A Trinity of Branches; Dark Space, 2 Lights

DSC00411 DSC00413

An example of how the work will appear within the catalogue. An abstract image, that has reference to the final piece that will be created, but allows room for it to change. It is therefore a resemblance, rather than an actual representation. Highlighting the light white of the branches, the harsh steel, the fragile crystals, and the shadows of the piece.


After the duality, I have experimented with a Trinity. Once more, the image of the trinity has come into my work; life, Death, Rebirth once more exists within artwork. This aspect of the work is lit by two lights, and therefore showcases the crystals far better, as well as providing the sculpture with a series of very interesting shadows. The shadow, a form that does not really exist, looms around the sculpture, accentuating, and elongating the lightning’s ‘bolt’ down into the floor, and through into the environment surrounding it. I think that it does need appropriate lighting, in order to better showcase the crystals. However, I do like the chiaroscuro of the singular spotlight, which creates interesting shadows on the piece. I will endeavor to try out the work within a lighter space, in order to fully see the work.


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