Documentation; 24/03/16


I have begun experimenting with hanging the branches, as well as how the piece looks in a dark space. Here are a series of images of the work within a dark space, lit by a single spotlight. Although I thought this was very effective in showcasing the religious and alchemical connotations, through the use of dramatic lighting; It was said by others, especially my tutors, that I should consider other lighting options, due to the fact that in the dark; it seems that I am attempting to ‘hide’ or ‘conceal’ something within the work. It’s as if i’m trying to conceal some sort of flaw within the work; even though I know there is no flaws within the work, nor intend to conceal them. Nevertheless, I Will experiment with different forms of light and placement in the exhibition space, and see how it looks.

DSC00395 DSC00393 DSC00400 IMG_0258


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