Documentation; 22/03/15 – Illness, and the final ‘Frame’


The pieces of the top and bottom of the frame, before welding; testing the dimensions of the final ‘object’



After a rather rough week last week, in which I was busy on Monday and Friday working on this frame; the three days in between were spent in bed due to a rather nasty viral infection. In addition to this, my laptop chose these period of time as the perfect time to get a BIOS error and collapse in on itself. So, I have been very stressed and run down, both physically, but also mentally. However, this week has been great so far, due to the fact that I have finally finished building the frame that the sculpture will stand within. The frame is a lot bigger than I initially expected; but this is not a problem, i felt as if I needed to create a larger sculpture, so that I have room to experiment with the varying heights and angles that the lightning bolts can hang at. Now Β that I have created the frame, I can set about the final refinement of the sculpture before the final exhibition (very exciting!).


The sombre colour of the metal, as well as it’s dirty and dusty exterior is really interesting to me. It’s a beautiful colour, despite being covered in grime. I guess this is related to the fact that the processes I have been looking at (decomposition and mold) are often regarded as ‘lowly’, and I have begun to appreciate this aesthetic.


An example of the nuts and bolts that fit the frame together, holding it in place.


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