Pitch Illustration radio interview – 18th February; After ‘-exposure’, our work, and where we are headed


Find the interview here; https://www.mixcloud.com/illorad/pitch-illustration-radio-18th-february-2016/

This time, there was only 4 of us in the radio station; Myself, Sarah Padbury, and the two interviewers; Amelia Johnston & James Cocks. These two presenters actually took the time out to listen to, and discuss topics with, us; and therefore, this interview was a lot more successful than the last one. We were able to discuss the concepts behind our work, what it was, and how we formulate and create artwork for our generation. This then prompted a discussion within the interview about the mature of art, and the common disregard for it as an academic subject in the eyes of the many.  This was a great interview; and we discussed what had happened after  ‘-exposure’, as well as speaking about it in hindsight; and providing information about our next venture, with the studios; ‘Phosphorous’.


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