Pitch Illustration Radio – 3rd December; The run up to ‘-exposure’

exposureposter 2

Find the interview here; https://www.mixcloud.com/illorad/pitchillustrationradio-3rd-december-2015/

During the run up to ‘-exposure’, we had a radio interview on Pitch Illustration radio, on Radio Cardiff. The show was a bit of a mess, as there were a whole lot of guests on, including the presenter from ‘What’s occurin’ Cardiff’ on MADE in cardiff TV, and this furthered the show into being solely about the tv programme, providing little to no time for us, as young artists, to speak.  We did, however, get a chance to speak about what we wanted to do, and what we wanted to achieve throughout the residency and exhibition, but felt like we were being slated a little bit by the main presenter. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best experience I had with the radio show, and therefore, found that there is a lot of criticism thrown around, especially from the older generation towards the new, about what we do and what we intend to within our lives; as our generation has a completely different society than them, and this causes a great rift between what is expected of us, and what we can achieve. However, there was another radio show that we were able to go onto two months later, and that was highly successful for us as artists, as well as the promotion and discussion of what it is to be an artist in the modern age.


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