Statement 28/02/16


‘O Nature, and O soul of man! how far beyond all utterance are your linked analogies; not the smallest atom stirs or lives on matter, but has it’s cunning duplicate in mind.

– Herman Melville

I hold a burgeoning fascination with transcendence, and the human desire to evolve beyond our current existence. I take inspiration from my own catholic upbringing, as well as more primal and instinctive means of worship and understanding. Drawing from the visual mythologies of Occultism & Alchemy, and a wide variety of literary influences focused on tragedy, desire, and human fallibility; I intend to create artworks that harness this reservoir of information, and transmute it into a contemporary form of catharsis. Through this, I am creating an individual, esoteric visual language. Through my current exploration of the Re-animation of ‘dead’ materials; I am harnessing the rich connotations of physical matter lost when the host dies, and the energy that is still held within. I do this, in order to manifest the intangible energy that bleeds out of a dying entity, into a synthesised fragile form.


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