Documentation; 16/02/16

DSC00284 DSC00285

Here, I have tried something different; an experiment with empty space and the singular object. Drawing inspiration from the vitrines of Joseph Beuys and Damien Hirst, I have explored the way that a vitrine ‘objectifies’ a n organism or subject, and it becomes a ‘symbol’ of a metaphysical or ethereal concept or metaphor. After leaving the studios for two days over the weekend, the crystals were able to grow at an exponential rate; causing a greater mass that covers the form. This resulted in a more ‘natural growth’ on he form, creating almost a ‘crust’ of the crystalline form. I was also able to retrieve a Glass vitrine that I had held in my possession for a short while last year, and am utilising it as a means of experimentation with different ways of display; here, the object is raised up in the centre of the space, and appears to ‘float’ or ‘swim’ within the empty space in the vitrine.Β This is miles away from the initial idea, in which the object would rest upon the bottom of the vitrine; and have the crystals spread out over the bottom of the vitrine; affixing the object to the bottom of the vitrine (therefore, affixing the object in place), but also referencing the notion of a vitrine being a controlled ‘environment’, rather than just a singular object. However, I do think that there is something in this method of hanging; with the notion of the ethereal, as well as the abstract form that the wool covered wood provides; referencing the broken limb of a dead animal or being; and therefore, through subjectivity, resembles that which I am trying to create through quite literal representations. Abstraction is important within this work; the viewer must take their own understandings from the work, as it will change and morph within the mind of everyone who comes to view it.

DSC00281 DSC00287

The Duality of the Crystallised wool, and the harsh Wood, provides a delicate balance, and a certain tension, between two seemingly opposing forms.


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