Tutorial; 25/01/16 – with Prof. Andre Stitt


Today was my first tutorial with my new tutor group; and I was a tad apprehensive, as they didn’t now what my work was about this year. I was also with Andre Stitt, who I have conversed with before , as well as worked with in the’Painting Performance’ field module that I undertook last year. We discussed the concepts central to my current studio practice; The corporeal manifestation of Entropy, The creation of crystals as a means of recreating the Alchemist’s ‘Magnum Opus’, The use of Dead ‘Husks’ as materials (hair, wool, feathers, bone etc.) and the harnessing of the latent power within as a materials for catharsis, and so on and so forth. As we discussed these concepts, and I was able to go through my creative and conceptual processes, I felt immediately more in tune with what I am investigating within my artistic outputs. What was interesting, was that Andre immediately ‘Got’ what my work was about, and discussed with me the notion of ‘Re-animation’, and how it is relevant to my work; as the materials that I am using are considered ‘dead’, in the sense that the ‘soul’ of the owner has long passed away, I am creating new life from within the objects. As I am technically growing ‘new life’ from these objects, I am making something that is ‘intangible’ (the energy flow of the universe, from dying objects, and eventually into living and growing organisms), into a tangible, and very physical form. This, much like the work of Dr. Frankenstein within Mary Shelley’s novel, am imbuing dead vessels with new life and energy. Here, the hand of the artist has taken on the hand of a God, and is continuing the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.

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