Formative Assessment; tutorial 07/12/15


My tutorial today went quite well, Davida said the same thing that she said the other day. I am too focused on the idea of creating artworks, in the sense that I create an artwork in a day or two, and then dislike it and move onto another object. This is repeated ad infinitum in order to create artworks that focus on what I am in a certain moment. This ‘spontaneous creation’ works in the sense that I am able to push myself to make a wide variety of different artworks, but it does not allow much development. Mainly because I am full of ideas, of concepts, and yet, I struggle to just sit and focus on one idea for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, Paul told me that he liked the way that the work was displayed; that it allowed him to witness all the different avenues of exploration that I had utilised, and that there were some connections between the different processes and explorations; even though it is all still quite up in the air. I believe that I will explore the role of the wool more, as well as the tension found within knots and the way that wool plays upon one another. How they interact and influence one another’s falling patterns, it’s fascinating to be sure.


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