Summative Post; Documentation


Bio-Mechanical entities, and the beginning of symbols utilised to reflect the inner workings of the computer

A new idea spawned in my head at this point; inspired by my interest with ‘The Singularity’, and the eventual merging of both Man and Machine to transcend our biological limitations and boundaries, I have envisioned a series of works that attempt to simulate how this ‘merging’ may appear. Utilising a rather strange, yet fascinating building material; expanding foam, I am trying to merge technology with an industrial material in order to create a ‘bio-mechanical’ form.

I found myself falling back into the use of glass and technology to create a series of drawings (both hand drawn and computer aided), as a means of understanding the intricacy of motherboards. I began to become interested in the use of technology as a new birth of religion; as technology is worshipped in our society. It provides so much for the human race, far exceeding our own limits and experiences through the use of science.


The First ‘Blood Machine’, further exploration of the merging of man and machine

As we become more and more synergetic with technology, and it is shaping our very existence. We seem to becoming more like machines; yet, would the machines not strive to become more like us? A.I., Cooling systems, minds and consciousness….the machine and the man are quickly becoming interchangeable. Nevertheless, as I explore the relationship between a machine and it’s desire to become a man; I have started crafting machines that hold blood (or a blood substitute for the time being), within their circuitry and makeup. After figuring out a pump system for the machine, I have created one, albeit quite low-tech. I started to explore the possibility of programming the machines to do things; to achieve a feeling of life and energy within the seemingly dormant husks of computer towers.


Gap Critique, 05/11/15

I felt it necessary to craft something new, in order to remove these feelings of self loathing, into a sculpture that utilises the ready-made once more; much like I did in first year. I miss sculpture, the computers and machines I have been building are more focused on a concept, yet the materiality of the pieces; although important, is not the driving factor behind these pieces. Sculpture is so much more focused on the materiality of the medium used, and lends well to my interests in entropy, as well as subjectivity. I believe I will return to the sculpture; as there is a clear connection between the ‘wired’ machines, with their array of tubes and pumps, and the more delicate, gravity influenced wool within the frame. This piece was meant to resemble a ribcage, with the intricate veins and cardiovascular system held within the ‘object’, yet, it is much better when perceived in a larger, more open space.


Electrical ‘Sigils’ and a common symbol throughout the work

The idea of the sigil being some form of strange , alien, mystical language fits well with the notion of machines being a separate ‘species’ of being than ourselves, and one that we cannot fully understand. By attributing demonic imagery to the ‘brains’ of the machines, in their motherboards, I am blending the role of magic and science, which satiates both our biological desire to understand, and our desire to worship. I also began looking at the forms of the wool within ‘Nest’, as well as the tubes within the cardiovascular systems I had made; and began to realise that there is a particular ‘form’ to the frayed edges and twisted wires. It reminds me of an image of a sceptre that I have seen within the history of Witchcraft. Almost like a twisted branch that holds some form of magical properties. Yet, it also looks like the scientific shape of the strand of DNA; the pure essence of a human being.


Gap Critique #2, a pause, and a renewal in the work’s direction

This is very interesting to me; how materials interact with one another, how either the same material, or different, can act completely differently when with one another. The act of putting together to objects, or materials, and seeing the result, is what interests me. Be it wire and wool, or a computer and a fire, or foam and metal, I’m interested in the delicate balance between the two substances, and how they can be utilised to draw out certain connotations or meanings inherent within.

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