Exposure Residency & Exhibition Preparations.



at The Abacus,St Davids House,Wood Street,Cardiff,CF10 1ER


Residency 8th-10th and exhibition 11th-13th December 2015


the act of exposing, laying open, or uncovering

‘Exposure’ is the next foray for the group behind the group Exhibition ‘Substance’, an exhibtion that hopes to lay open the views and artistic and is a three day residency, and three day exhibition which focuses on the group of up and coming fine artists within Cardiff, and allows the public an insight into the burgeoning arts scene in Cardiff, as it happens.

We are proposing to do a three day residency, completely open, in which the public can come and experience the artist at work. This breaking down of barriers between artist and public, allowing them into their own mind, will be beneficial to both those creating, and those viewing, for it allows the artist direct feedback from a different…

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