‘Fuego’, a painting for the affordable art auction


Harkening back to the beginning of the year, in which I had an interest in fire, I decided to go back to this motif for my entry into the Affordable Art Auction in December. I have a particular interest in fire, y star sign, Leo, belongs o the fire element, as well as having an intense and ‘burning’ desire to watch flames. Although I am not a pyromaniac, I find fire a calming object; the particular light it gives off is something unique to this form of lighting, as well as the warmth given off being something that I, as a human, strive for. It draws from my interest in the soul, as well as fire being utilised within ritual as a means of purification or transmutation;the process of an object being set alight actually introduces oxygen into the object, and therefore allowing the object to symbolically ‘breathe’. This is also interesting, as when the flames use up all of the fuel in the object, the soul of he object seems to be set free; as there is nothing left but ash, and the main bulk of the object has been released in the form of warmth, light, and embers, floating up into the sky. I have also returned to the layout of a singular, ephemeral object within a blank space; objectifying, and raising the importance of, the concept or image that I have created. An ethereal image, within a space, resembles a soul or ghost within an absent space. I’ve missed painting, it’s nice to return to an old ‘flame’ of mine.


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