‘Indestructible’ – Robyn, Music video by Lucy McRae


Find the video here;    http://www.lucymcrae.net/585/

A piece of art that was told to look at by a friend of mine was this piece of film directed and created by Lucy McRae. McRae is interested in making textiles out of liquid, air and vapour; in order to craft clothing and costumes that transcend the limitations and curvature of the body. This work, which focuses on pumping liquid through 1.2 kilometres of tubing around the body of the performer, explores the role of liquid as a potential surrogate for more solid materials in covering the body. The liquid, due to it’s naturally flowing and viscous traits, traverses the dynamic landscape of the body’s form in a way unlike other, more rigid forms. Yet, as it is confined by the tubing, is reminiscent of the blood pumping through the veins within the body. yet, as it is on the outside, there is a strange blurring between the inside, and the outside, of the body. This creates a strangely abject response from the viewer, as one is not comfortable with the idea of blood, or the delicate passages that hold it within, being outside of the body. It is also highly reminiscent of the form that coolant systems and wires take on dynamically shaped machinery; inspired by the forms found in nature, and not the blocky, clunky forms often seen in industrial forms and machines. The ‘skin’ becomes ‘living and breathing’, as it reflects the necessary actions taken by the body to ensure that oxygen reaches the different muscles and organs within the body. It is also interesting, as one can cover up certain aspects of the body’s naked form through the use of liquid. Could I utilise this as a means of transcending the limitations of man? by creating a ‘suit’ that also functions as a cardiovascular system? If one cannot fit the additional ‘wiring’ within the body, then it is only natural that we branch outward to fit in such a biological addition.


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