Documentation, 19 – 26/10/15; The Preliminary Blood Machine



I started last week by creating a few more of the ‘amoeba’ like entities that I have been making out of foam, wire, and electrical equipment. I was enjoying the way they looked at first, but felt that they were a bit ‘static’ for my liking. I began to think about how I could improve the way they appeared and interacted with each other, and with the audience. The idea of technological advancement and evolution are intriguing concepts; as well as when utilising them in relation to the creation of machines, and how they evolve and develop through history. Nevertheless, the ‘amoebas’ are supposed to be the primordial beings in a timeline in which bio-mechanical beings are the dominant beings on earth, and their ancestors, much like our ancient ancestors, are formless primordial beings.

DSC_3044 DSC_3047

So, after this point, I went back to look at an idea I had thought about near the end of Second year; a concept I entitled ‘Blood Machines’. Machines that hold blood within them, that pumps through a sort of technological ‘cardiovascular system’ within their casings; instead of men becoming machines (a concept I have been exploring recently), it focuses on the idea of machines becoming more like men. The technological advancement of computers, as well as our own evolution, is currently running parallel; as we become more and more synergetic with technology, and it is shaping our very existence. We seem to becoming more like machines; yet, would the machines not strive to become more like us? A.I., Cooling systems, minds and consciousness….the machine and the man are quickly becoming interchangeable. Nevertheless, as I explore the relationship between a machine and it’s desire to become a man; I have started crafting machines that hold blood (or a blood substitute for the time being), within their circuitry and makeup. After figuring out a pump system for the machine, I have created one, albeit quite low-tech.

12171530_10156303553895713_1359982944_o 12171938_10156303553855713_971081078_o 12181028_10156303553880713_1337887184_o 12181055_10156303553795713_1632324688_o

After locating a computer tower from a friend, I set to work modifying it and creating the first of my ‘Blood Machines’. This is a rather simple one; crafted with a basic cardiovascular system, starting and ending in a makeshift ‘Heart’. The pipes spread throughout the machine; pumping blood and oil around the system, in order to mimic blood. The oil was added so that small bubbles and differentiations between the two liquids would appear in the pipes as they spread out around the machine; as when the pressure is at it’s fullest, Β the blood does not seem to move around the pipes. Unless I remove it from the jar and allow it to drip down into the waiting receptacle. Me and Paul have started to discuss the possibility of programming the machines to do things; to achieve a feeling of life and energy within the seemingly dormant husks of computer towers. I will endeavour to explore this avenue; yet am quite confident in what i’m doing now. The work is starting to shape up into an interesting body of work.


The only issue with having all this liquid around, however, is the issue of spillage. the possibility for electrical shock, and resulting death, is very real around my space. Nevertheless, the reflection of the light in the blood is really something beautiful. If it was possible to keep the liquid wet for an extended period of time, ten I would create these spillages on the floor. But unfortunately, many liquids dry, and the reflection is lost.


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