Tutorial; Paul Granjon – 19/10/15


My tutorial with Paul Granjon yesterday was quite successful; We discussed the nature of my my concept, and where it can go from this point; the singularity, transcendence from human biology, and the idea of machine becoming man/ man becoming machine. This is what inspired me the most; as I had thought about the concept of making Β a machine more ‘human-like’ through the use of various tubing and pump systems to make it have Β blood ‘pumping’ through it’s form. There is definite room for development here; considering the fact that my work often explores the nature of transcendence; and allowing a machine to transcend it’s physical limitations, as well as become more like it’s creators. This fine line between biology and technology fills me with a great tension; I am concerned with the path that we are taking, and how close we can get to the metaphorical ‘fire’ without burning ourselves.


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