Tutorial #1 12/10/15


Today marked my first ‘proper’ tutorial of third year, as Davida was not here last week since she was in Venice, and before that; she was ill. Nevertheless, it was as good as always. I always enjoy tutorials with her, as she’s a funny and informative tutor. We discussed what philosophies and concepts I have been exploring throughout the past two weeks; and the bio-mechanical entities I have been creating (the above image is of the second one). We discussed how the work isn’t very ‘holistic’ right now, and needs to be more ‘in-tune’ between the technological and ‘biological’ forms and parts. At the moment, there is a clear divide between what is technological and what is seemingly biological. There was also the discussion to make the beings actually move or do things; breathe, move, interact with each other, light up etc. I the do something, if they become ‘kinetic sculptures’, then it moves them from being ornamental, into ‘alive’. This is an interesting idea, and I will definitely take it forward. I have also realised something about my inspiration drawn from the storyline of ‘Akira’; the idea of growth resulting from an excess of power. Technology provides us with a great deal of power, and therefore prompts us question what we can do with such power, and be aware of the issues arising from our own hunger and desire. In ‘Akira’, The antagonist Tetsuo morphs and mutates when his power becomes far too great for him. I feel like this is a good idea for creating an artwork about the dangers of technology, and our evolution into ‘higher technological beings’.


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