Documentation; 05 – 09/10/15


Last week’s work saw the re-appearance of intricate detail and laser cutting within my work. Leading on from last year’s work, I found myself falling back into the use of glass and technology to create a series of drawings (both hand drawn and computer aided), as a means of understanding the intricacy of motherboards. I began to become interested in the use of technology as a new birth of religion; as technology is worshipped intrinsicaly in our society. It provides so much for the human race, far exceeding our own limits and experiences through the use of science.


The original plan for the etched glass was to create something reminiscent of ‘Stained glass windows’ within a church, as a means of showing this worship. At the time, I was also interested in what aspect of technology a machine would worship. Much like our own society, it is a set of permanently defined moral truths. The motherboard would be like this, a heavily regulated ‘society’ in which each and every piece plays it’s part, as if they are all cogs in one giant machine. I feel that this is the way that society is going, as we become more and more like machines within our world. I was leaving behind religion in order to favour technology, but, I have returned to it. Although I like the way the etchings look on the glass, as well as the way they reflect upon their own reflections, forming an intricate pattern from the reflection itself. however, I don’t know if this is an avenue that I should continue down. Instead favouring installation once more.


I then realised, whilst tracing the motherboards on the computer programs, that they look like some form of ancient, primitive art. there are connections to both art, as well as writing, as the way that the circuitry’s multiple pathways show up on the computer creates strange and intricate patterns. It is especially interesting, as this is a computer looking at itself (theoretically), therefore creating these symbols as a means of understanding it’s own being. A I am interested in the growth of technology, ad how it is starting to merge with ourselves; this is very interesting, especially in regards to the ‘consciousness of the machine’. Therefore, I attempted to make my own ‘primitive designs’ inspired by the traced images, as well as what I thought these designs would look like. Unfortunately, I did not like the way they turned out, yet liked the colour scheme of the Black and Gold. The Black, as it reminds me of sleek technology, as well as darkness and cold (traits of a machine), and the Gold because of it’s electrical, as well as ‘godly’ connotations.


An interesting use of layers of Gold and Black  spray paint, which when running together, does not immediately mix; creating a sort of ‘opposing’ colours, as well as repeating shapes within the surface.


The foam a few minutes after being evacuated from the container


The Foam as it is almost completely dry. Note; the changed texture of the foam’s surface


A new idea spawned in my head at this point; inspired by my interest with ‘The Singularity’, and the eventual merging of both Man and Machine to transcend our biological limitations and boundaries, I have envisioned a series of works that attempt to simulate how this ‘merging’ may appear. Utilising a rather strange, yet fascinating building material; expanding foam, I am trying to merge technology with an industrial material in order to create a ‘bio-mechanical’ form. Following on from my understandings of worship and shrines within Art, I am looking for a way to explore the role of the ‘creator’ in religion, as well as the interesting idea that we, ourselves, could be creating a new world and species through our own technological advancement. Therefore, these beings that I am creating, could be seen as ‘primordial machine entities’; much like the amoebas and ancient ancestors of humanity. This idea is quite strange, as well as terrifying, especially concerning the current forays into Artificial Intelligence taking place in laboratories around the world. What happens if we create a ‘life’, or at least, an entity that THINKS that is alive? What potential could that have for us? and what potential could it have for our role in the ‘religious order’, if we are to become creators?


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