Research; STRP BIENNALE ‘Expo SCREEN ON | NO SCREEN’ 20 – 29/03


An art exhibition exploring the nature of screens in our society; and what influence they have for humanity as they face them everywhere in our current modern age. The works are at one entrancing, as well as ethereal; the soft glow of the screen is at once comforting within the darkness surrounding the works. As we are instinctively drawn to light for protection and warmth, the light that pours out from the screen is white and cool, calming, rather than warming. The glow is a glow, but it is steady rather than the warming, flickering glow of the fire.  There is something very strange about this artificial light; as when I was in my old accommodation, I felt like the light utilised in the kitchen was almost stimulating me, keeping me distracted and awake. The white light is found nowhere in nature, and therefore, it is distinctively man-made. what is this interest in white light? why must the light we create in a sterile, minimalist environment, be so white and almost frustrating? White is associated with purity and heaven in our society, so I presume that is why we are so drawn to it.

This monolithic installation; ‘BLPRNT’ by Joanie Lemercier & James Ginzburg, reminds me of the beings that exist in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, in which he incredibly advanced and alien beings are nothing more than large, smooth, black rectangular beings. Yet within them, they hold an incredible wealth of technology and wisdom. It’s intriguing, this being is instead white, and bathing the viewer in an intense white light. Much like the point in which one apparently ‘transcends’ to heaven at the point of death, the intense white light is a space which is free of all that is bad, and is seemingly good in every aspect. It beckons us to it, I wish I could view the piece so that I could embrace it, and be bathed in it’s seemingly ‘healing’ light. There is also the interesting fact that the artist have also been able to simulate  a realm in which everything consists of singular points of light. It reminds me somewhat of a computer game, consisting of pixels, or some form of image of the universe (however, it seems to be too ‘controlled’ or ‘ordered’ to be the universe, which is pure chaos). This image seems to show a world of pixels, one in which the heavenly light is some form f bright light crafted by a machine. Is this what God looks like to a machine?


unfortunately, there are only three images on the exhibition site; obviously, as it makes people go to see the work. However, this is frustrating as I would like to see more of the artworks and it has ended now, so there’s not much chance of me seeing high quality photos of the exhibition, although there is a video I have found of various installations that I will put at the bottom of this article to see for yourself; and they are definitely powerful, despite not being seen in the flesh. This next work; ‘untitled’ by Nonotak, is a series of 4 ‘screens’ that appear to show a level of infinite regression. However, they actually depict a series of 4 sets of screens, which are actually physical, rather than just being an illusion crafted by the screen. It’s really interesting, as it seems the screens shift due to perspective, and as you’d move around them, the way they would bend and stretch back would certainly shift and change in your perspective. This is really interesting, as again, the light is soft and welcoming, a light shade of lilac or ‘electric’ purple/blue, that is quite something to behold. There is also a really interesting pattern appearing within the projections on the floor; causing a sort of geometric shape that resembles some form of symbol.


The final piece within the trinity of works shown on the website;  ‘Destructive Observation field’ – Robert Henke, a seemingly beautiful nebula, it seems to hold a rather ‘ominous’ atmosphere from the title. Is it a form of viewing some form of energy being released from an element? or is it a form of nebula, a seemingly unfathomable creation of energy, yet is destructive? It could be ambiguous, of course. Strange, I feel drawn into the centre of the energy field, as if I am committed to being a part of this energy at some point within my existence. The level of detail on the projection is also amazing, as I can see the intricacies of the image so clearly. It’s as if I am a close view spectator of whatever mysterious cosmic force I am witnessing.

A collection of clips of the installations within the exhibition in motion.


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