The Techno Sublime; The first day, and a growing interest in motherboards


It’s a good feeling to be back after such a long spell away from the studio; the few pieces I have been making are for personal ruminations, consisting of webs made of string and wool in my room or a few specific abandoned places dotting around Cardiff. I have also started making graffiti around symbols, as a means of orchestrating a sense of loss from the fact that God is no longer present within myself. I am human, nothing more, and god has become nothing more than a symbol for me. A symbol of hope, sure, but not one that dictates my life. A thought in my mine has recently been gaining traction within my artistic interests, as well as in my dissertation, and that is the idea of the ‘Techno-Sublime’. The idea that technology has become a form of contemporary sublime, as it is ‘ungraspable because of it’s uncontrollable immensity.’ This has also influenced another interest of mine at the moment, which involves the evolution of humanity into ‘immortal machine entities’ (I.M.E’s for short) A term I have coined for the point in which we become technically immortal, as we become ‘one with the machine’. At this point, we will become much like a God; A Perfect being, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. However, this has started to happen in our current digital age of 205; the internet allows us to see and know anything, even as they happen in real time, therefore Omniscient. The use of Prosthetics and Genetic Engineering are making us more and more perfect, the use of prosthetics replacing our own body parts with that of a machine; blurring the lines between us. Once we are linked to the ‘machine’ that our society will become, we could theoretically transport our mind and being from one point to another, or even influence other machines and entities on another side of the world, Omnipresent. As we evolve, we change the world to better suit our needs; how long is it until we can do such things that people can only dream of? Our life expectancy is pushed further and further, we can fly, and we have begun to be obsessed with health and beauty Our vanity, our obsession with being better, will be the thing that makes us these beings. Whether for better, or for worse. Our society is much like a large machine, and we are all small pieces of an extensive motherboard (or consciousness) that makes us work in tune, all cogs, all working, for the better of the ‘machine’.


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