‘Breathless’ – v. I


In anticipation of the final exhibition, I have been aiming to create a small installation that focuses on the feeling of being breathless, and the fear that I will stop breathing. This work focuses on this aspect of breathlessness, as well as the fact that it ‘puts the fear of god inside of me’. The large duvet and barbed wire sculpture is at once reminiscent of the tumours I have been drawing and researching for all this time. Whereas, it also represents the pain and fear that constricts around me during these harsh asthma attacks (another symbol of this is the tightness my chest feels during these attacks). The mirrors have also taken on a certain etherealness thanks to the use of light as a means of highlighting the etchings as well as giving the space a strangely warm, ambient glow. the use of light can also be found within the tumour itself, appearing almost like an eye; staring out into the reflection, watching itself, and watching you. This idea of the orb being sentient came from an image I took the other day where the object seemed to look at itself; almost passively, reflecting upon th odd shapes within the mirror, and the odd shape it seemed to have become. The orb, in essence, is a scapegoat of myself; the artist, and the pain and experience I have felt. I will attempt to change the piece slightly, in order to develop it, as I do not feel that it is quite ‘ready’ yet. However, a few minor tweaks and it should be done.


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