Documentation; 01/06/15

DSC_2517 DSC_2516

Work has been slow as of late, the removal of my studio space as well as increased focus on my dissertation has pushed me into a sort of artistic and creative block. This has also not been helped because of the fact that it has taken around 4 weeks for this single piece of ceramic to be fired; third years gt first come first served basis, and therefore they would not fire anything else for the weeks leading up to the exhibition. This was, in essence, a great annoyance to me and other people who needed work to b fired, and wasn’t. Nevertheless, I finally got it done and this allowed me to work on a new idea; circular plates allow a more organic shape, therefore becoming a more organic ‘vessel’. I also tried something different with the glaze; a more covering ‘wash’ of red, which was more by accident as I tried to rectify a mistake on the surface of the porcelain, and then would have to wipe it away, eventually prompting me to just cover the piece with the glaze. Then, in the end, when it was put into the kiln; the work above it dripped some of it’s glaze onto it. This should have been annoying; but I noticed that I actually really liked it; the blue striking a harsh difference against the red, looking globular, much like cells, blood or flesh that has been damaged. Bruises spring to mind, but it also reminds me of the exressive brushstrokes of eastern artworks.


The mirror being etched by the machine

DSC_2513 DSC_2512

Actually the second of the mirror pieces I made today, I feel like this one was a lot more successful both in execution, and in conceptual realisation. The level of detail that is incurred within the mirror due to the tracing of a very detailed tumour that I created, results in a fascinating drawing on the mirror’s surface. I’m required to get some lights for behind the mirrors in order to prompt a glow within the tumour; almost like a spiritual light coming through, highlighting the etchings through the work. I’m attempting to make pieces of artwork that symbolically install the tumours inside of you; as if you are put into the position of the person suffering from cancer. This is an attempt to take my idea of ‘scapegoating’ further, in order to create artworks that evoke the negative feeling taken out of myself and ‘implanting’ it into another person. The tumours are placed in areas in which people I have known who have suffered from this disease have had tumours within their own body. The level of detail in this is what I lik th most,; crtainly the better of the two.

DSC_2504 DSC_2515 DSC_2505

The first of the mirrors wasn’t AS successful as the second, and I feel like this is because the initial drawings that I have been putting onto my porcelain does not translate as well to the mirrored surface; there is not enough light pushed through on such a big plane. more detail is needed in order to gain the desired effect for the work. this was another experiment, pertaining to a relative who had a tumour in the frontal lobe. Unaware of it until very late in the gestation period; and then, a week later, they began to deteriorate. The mirror’s cracks reflect this; an effect to symbolise this ‘crack’ within the mind. However, I think the execution is far too simplistic for this;; the cracks are too large. It needs to be slight, if at all. I will try to experiment more.


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