Documentation; Ceramic & Etched Tumours


My Ceramics have taken on a new aspect of etherealness since firing them at a higher temperature than before; 1280, further vitrifying their surface and bringing out the subtle imperfections within the ‘surface of the ceramic. I also began to experiment with a few different variations of glazing, in order to test out how they could blend, bleed and shift upon the surface of the objects. This first experiment was simple enough in execution, but I accidentally put too much of the glaze on; as I attempted to wipe it back off the surface it bled down and off, creating an interesting ‘trail’ of colour. The effect of this caused the form to become misshapen somewhat, and this works well with the concept of rapid, out of control cell growth dictating the shape of the tumour.

DSC_2395 DSC_2397

I also experimented with highlighting the simple imperfections already found in the ceramic plates, bringing them to the forefront of the viewer’s perception, even though I did not do a very good job here at this. I believe if I work at this a little more, I will be able to create a sense of veins and growth, almost like the creases found on ones hand or body. But then, I think it would be more effective to just leave these creases there, as the plates become substitute for the skin and/or flesh that the cancer is afflicting.



The first experiment in laser cutting porcelain, ‘Tumour I’



‘Teratoma II’, Laser cut and Glazed Porcelain



‘Tumour I’, Revisited

These are where the work really starts to gain traction; through the process of firing the porcelain plates at a low temperature, engraving into them, and then glazing and heating to 1280, further vitrifying them, I have created a series of engravings that promote a sense of ethereal meditation and spirituality within the plates. They are beautiful, specifically the second piece, in which it showcases one of my Teratoma pieces. I really like how the glaze appears once wiped away, giving a sense of the colour leaving a shadow upon the surface of the ceramic. There is also a symbol of heat or warmth that is evoked from the pieces, as if they are small, self contained fires. This lends well to the concept of the tumours and teratomas being self-contained forms of energy, that extends out of the lumps like a bodily radiation. These forms, distinctively human, could reference the fact that these formless beings, although not sentient and working on a basic, cellular level, are creations of the body, and therefore are born from within us. I spoke about this before; the tumours being organisms that grow and form within us, much like some form of offspring. However, they are also so gross in their form, as the body is going haywire when they create them, that they are almost alien to us; despite their closeness to our own genetic make-up.

These porcelain slabs are like skin, and the tumours are placed upon them as a means of reflecting upon such things.


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