Formative Assessment; Ideas – 10/03/2015

Terratoma 1


The first of the three ‘peer review’ assessments was yesterday, and I practised quite hard for it. My concepts, although informed, often lack an immediate coherence. What makes sense in my head, often does not translate well into others, and therefore there is often a communication barrier between what I am trying to say and what is understood. Again, the main article of my criticism was this lack of fluidity; well, lack of an understandable fluidity. Therefore, I must refine what I am doing now refining the concept, taking a step back, meditating upon it…all in the pursuit of something coherent. However, it was good to b able to take a step back and think about what I was doing; what influenced me from previous projects, and where I intend to take this piece on from before. I feel that there is a definite similarity between the black holes and the tumours; they were both balls of energy, single points in which matter is either drawn into the centre, as in the case of the black hole, or breaches out, like the tumour. These opposing forces, so intrinsic to our reality, are fascinating to me. How they interact with the world around them, whether that world is the entirety of the universe, or so humble as the small body of a human being. There is a delicate balance within these universes, and each of these orbs of energy shift and change the nature of them; breaking them down. A tumour, much like the end of a star, is caused from within; despite being two opposing forces, the black hole a collapse, the cancer a burst of energy, they both impact from within How can we escape that which is already inside of us?


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