Documentation; 11/03/15

Terratoma 1

‘Tumour sprouting from the mouth’

I have begun to look at my relationship with the focus of my project; Cancer, and how it has affected both my life, and the lives of those around me. A lot of family members have suffered from this debilitating disease, and most everyone I know knows a close companion who has suffered from this disease as well. The use of an expanse around the tumours, the whiteness surrounding them, prompts the viewer to focus upon the image of the cellular mutation. This use of etherealness, of the whiteness, represents the fragility that a situation gains when the name of this disease is spoken, or rears its ugly head. The fragility of life is sacred, we as humans can be hurt and cut so deeply by the slightest pressure upon a blade at our skin; Cancer, does not enter, but rather, grows from the inner regions of the body,. This ‘implosion’ of cellular growth is so against what the body attempts to do, it is almost like it is going haywire; panicking and creating, when it should be calm.

Terratoma 2

‘A Dissected Terratoma’

Terratoma 4

‘Tumour found within the chest’

As the Assessment went; well, I was once again reminded to be more concise with my ideas, focus, and develop one instead of passing through ideas and creations imminently and quickly. This is often remarked upon, and I feel like it is a real issue within my work. So, I have began to make my work more delicate, more intricate, both as a means of demonstrating the symbolism of the ‘fragility’, as well as a means of bettering my working practices. These paintings, hopefully, will be engraved upon the porcelain slates, in order to better understand the processes I am working through.


‘A tumour pushing expelling energy, upon a Ceramic surface’

DSC_2365 DSC_2367


These two drawings have inspired me to pursue a possible foray into a three dimensional piece. As I lay them side by side, an image starting t come into focus of two banners, each sporting these forms of energy upon them. These banners would be lined up, in a continuous formation, in two rows; so that one could walk through them. I would hope that there would be a number of them; translucent to a certain degree, so that they can be perceived from the back or the front, and give a three dimensional, more physical form. If they were to be crafted, I would wan them to be hung, so that those who walk amongst them can manipulate them slightly; this etherealness, provoking a sense of mystery, contributes well to the fact that we do not fully understand these beings that grow inside of us. We fear them, but they are intrinsically a part of our own form, our own soul.





This idea has also been inspired by my work in the laser cutting and digital print workshops I have been working in on a Wednesday. Within this module, I have been experimenting with engraving and digital printing, which I am surprised by, for it’s ability to project beautiful colours onto fabric. I still cannot believe the level of detail that these printers have; allowing one to print brush strokes and marks as if they had been painted onto the surface itself. This is a really interesting process, and the level of detail is astounding. I am incredibly interested by this technique, and will endeavour to use it more in the future.

DSC_2375 DSC_2376

As with the pieces shown above, I have also been experimenting with laser cutting as a means of etching a lot of detail into the porcelain slabs and plates that I am making for my project. There is a really interesting result crafted from this process, allowing detail to be etched into already fired ceramic without causing further damage to the piece; something that would be nigh on impossible if done by hand. I plan to glaze these pieces as a means of raising the details within the porcelain, so that they hold a variety of colours, much like the watercolour and pen drawings I have crafted before. This will instil the pieces with a sense of the ‘energy’ that I am trying to capture, and to manifest within my artwork; which is often overshadowed by the fragility that is inherent within the materials and processes. This project that I am doing within textiles is really fuelling my work, which is fantastic!


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