Documentation; 02/03/15 & Tutorial; 24/02/15


Last Tuesday, I had my first tutorial with Davida in a while. We spoke about my work, but I felt that I could not formulate my concepts correctly. My work has recently focused on the aspects of the void; nothingness, an the creation of ‘something’ in order to bring this into a corporeal form. However, I feel like right now, I’m not able to derive anything from this. I heard Davida tell me something that i’ve heard many times before; ‘you focus too much on the concept, on the finished piece’, and I cannot agree more. When I create art, or garner some form of inspiration, I cannot help but envision a final piece within my mind’s eye. A final piece; a final creation, that I at once attempt to create in reality, but never can to the specifications within my mind. I once heard someone say; ‘do not imagine your future, but instead go upon experiences that others who have lived longer will tell you.’ I think that I need to apply this to my work, especially my development. As I feel like I am not as successful when I have these ideas, creating pieces which I will always define as lacklustre. But, instead should focus on the accidents that are created when working on something, as they see to be more instinctive, more personal and far more real. I have chosen to go back to the ‘tumours’ that I began work on in January, and intend to create a new body of work that is simply experimentation, with a concept in the back of my mind, instead of the fore front of it.

DSC_2344  DSC_2346

I have begun to experiment with splashes of black paint across stencils in order to create a representation of the energy expelling and/or being pulled into the centre of a black hole, with the inverted colours creating something that resembles a ‘reverse eclipse’.  This began to interest me, and I started to look at the moon for inspiration. This past month there was a night in which there was a black supermoon; which is strange, as this does not even matter; one would not be able to see it. This idea of a black moon then began to form new ideas in my head, the moon is a conduit of light, a physical representation of entropy, and utilises the energy f the sun in order to shine down upon our planet. This idea of energy, of outside forces acting upon another object, inspired a series of pieces that are shown above, leading off from the ‘void’ paintings, in which the paint was manipulated through water, or some other force, like gravity, prompting the paint to act in strange, unexpected ways.


This painting also followed this trend, utilising a series of different mediums, and different painting techniques; including throwing, dripping, scraping, slamming etc. I wanted to see how I could manipulate the paint to move around the surface with as little input from myself as possible This worked well, I feel, in crafting something that echoed the nature of the moon as a conduit, through the paint, being the conduit in which I can showcase such a concept in a corporeal form; like the paintings of the voids, of nothing.

DSC_2341 DSC_2343

Abstraction, and utilising what I had learnt in painting performance was fun; but I feel like a return to heavily detailed work is an interesting breather from my common sculptural and often ‘ramshackle’ pieces. These tumours, much like the black holes I have been so fascinated by, are like lumps of energy; formless shapes of entropy, shifting and growing, pulsating with a life force. The tumours that are present in our body when cancer strikes are created because cells are attempting to flush out the toxins in the body. These natural areas of growth and development within the body are so natural, I have heard somewhere  that often times the cancer is not what kills you, but the chemotherapy. What I like here, despite the piece being unfinished, is this juxtaposition between the soft blends of the watercolour and the black lines; almost as if the black lines are ‘taking over’ the form. Could I use this as a symbolism for the cancer spreading throughout the forms, as I had already envisioned within the symbolism of the black jellyfish, as cancer, taking over and darkening the colours of the coral reef, which I perceived as a variant of the bodies flesh. A possible conclusion?

DSC_2336 DSC_2339 DSC_2338 DSC_2348

I have also begun to work in ceramics once more, on account of me starting a new project focusing on digital printing and laser cutting, and therefore pushing me to try out new techniques. I have discovered that one can engrave onto ceramics, as seen above (I apologise for the poor quality pictures) in which I have engraved the pattern of my tumours, successfully, onto ceramic plates. These are interesting, delicate as they are, a strict change from the work I have been focusing on in the field module. This fragility, combined with the inherent weight of the ceramics, is an interesting juxtaposition, and lends well to this concept of the etherealness of the tumours within their white space.


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