Art & the Conscious Mind – The Void


There is a concept that I am struggling with, and I think it’s driving me slightly up the wall. The void, nothingness, how can that which is nothing, somehow be something? This idea is racking my brain, it’s causing me anguish. I have often thought about nothingness; anti-matter fascinates me, the fact that nothing is something and it consists everywhere in what we percieve to be empty space. However, if this nothing is something, then there must be something outside of that nothingness? And then, if that is something, then what occurs outside of that? I am really struggling with the idea of bringing this void into reality, this intense blackness that consumes all. How can I accurately craft a corporeal representation of such a metaphysical, and incredibly spiritual concept?

I have also been thinking about black holes; their destructive power, their all consuming nature, and the sheer sense of dread that they fill my very being with. There are apparently black holes everywhere in the universe; but because of their lack of light, their lack of appearance, we cannot see them. Indeed, trillions exists amongst the stars and planets consisting of matter and life; one even exists within the centre of each galaxy, and even within our own milky way. In the grand scheme of the universe, we are so close to the black hole within the centre of the universe, yet we have not been brought into it as of yet This scares me though, like death, a large orb of catastrophic power exists ever so close to us, and if it began to grow, it would surely wipe out everything that we know to be real and true. However, there is a silver lining; a black hole does suck, but rather, grips; if we are not already in it’s pull, then we will not be sucked into the nothingness that consumes it’s soil. However, black holes eat other things in the universe, and if it were to begin to eat, to feed, on the matter surrounding it, then it would surely grow large enough to devour our small blue speck.

I am struggling to understand something that is almost impossible to understand; and i’ve never felt this thrilled.


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