Painting Performance; Final video


For our final task in Painting Performance, we were asked to create a video detailing our group work throughout the project. As you can see, there was a lot to consider when editing and cutting down the footage, but I focused on what would work well together, creating a somewhat ‘coherent’ storyline of evolution and development of the group. I really like this aspect of the video, with it possibly being my favourite part of it; the ability to see the whole project as one whole, witnessing the progression and overarching themes that run inherently throughout, it’s fascinating. There is also a part of the video near the end which focuses on the group’s final performance, on which we focused on the intrinsic connections between human beings, we are all individual, unique, but as we pass through this life, we ‘connect’ with others. Sometimes indenting another with our presence, sometimes for nothing more than a fleeting moment. The use of differing colours highlights this, and the mixing of the colours created a very interesting, and quite intriguing, result. I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement within this method of working, however, I am excited with the way that the ‘energy’ that is passed on from each of us is shown through the work. The music utilised throughout the video, and that was used throughout our final performance, are recordings made by NASA of the radiation within space. As there is no air within space, sound waves are unable to travel through the negative space within. Therefore, these recordings were actually made through the use of analysing and converting lectrical impulses given off by planetary beings, almost as if they were it’s voice. This fit sin well with our theme of ‘energy passing between objects’, as the electrical impulses given off by us into our immediate vicinity could be described as our bodies’ ‘voice’. A means of communicating with one another without the use of oral sound.

Painting performance has been interesting, but I feel like if I had taken another option, then I would have possibly benefited a lot more. However, I have learnt a lot from this module, and aim to utilise the skills gained in work in the future.


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