Substance – An exhibition headed by students from Cardiff School of Art & Design



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Sub·stance n.

1. a. That which has mass and occupies space; matter.

b. A material of a particular kind or constitution.

What is a’substance’? a physical object? a symbolic concept? or something that our brains create in order for us to comprehend the universe around us? The Earth that we stand upon is a substance, a hard, everlasting rock on which we find ourselves bound too. Yet, the air that we breathe is also a substance, something that we can only feel as wind across our face, or as a rise in our chest. How can this ‘nothingness’ that we feel all around us, be considered a substance too? How can Nothing, be Something? and why must one not exist without the other?

‘Substance’ is an exhibition within the very heart of the city of Cardiff, a gathering of art students from Cardiff School of Art and Design; each with their own Hopes, Dreams, Concepts and Mediums. We are anticipating an exhibitin that really breaches the boundaries of Art; Strange and entrancing work that not only confronts, but appreciates the very matter of the world that surrounds us. Each individual artist bringing his or her own unique perceptions of the rapidly shifting, contemporary world that we all inhabit.

– The Exhibition proposal

For the past few weeks, myself, Sarah Padbury, Emily white and Magdalena Lackowska have been setting up an exhibition in December, at the Abacus, Cardiff. The title of ‘Substance’ is an interesting one; wide reaching, but also specific in some regards, allowing artists to bring work from a variety of mediums into the exhibition, and prompting them to create work that is as strange as it is entrancing. As you can see by the poster, the work shown isn’t traditional (although we do have a portrait artist in the exhibition), and often pushes out of conventional elements. I have also been able to gain funding from 02 Think big, as I am providing a foothold for young artists to get their work out there, as well as opening the public’s eyes to the state of artistic growth in Cardiff. And, through much work, I have also been able to book two bands for the opening night; Howl, Psychadelic Stoner rock, as well as Grey Mondeo, a two-piece, instrumental punk outfit.

Finally, the exhibition is starting to take shape, and our hard work is starting to pay off.

Find my co-organisers here;

Sarah Padbury –

Emily White –

Magdalena Lackowska –

More Information on The Abacus here;


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