Concept; ‘What do you think God is like?’


I have been meandering a concept within my mind for a while now, focusing on concepts of hope within religion, rather than my normal, more macabreapproaches to religion. I have been interested in the concept of ‘hope’ for a while now, especially each individuals personal opinions on what hope is, and what they deem a ‘God’ to be. Myself? I deem God to be a universal concept, much like fate, or time. Others have told me a great variety of things that they deem God to be, and this is where I want to focus my work. I have an idea to go into the centre of Cardiff, and set up a small stall; from here, I will work, asking the public to write down a small aspect of what they perceive God to be, nothing is off limits, but I hope to harness the social collective’s opinions on a deity, crafting a sort of physical manifestation of faith.


Once collected (I hope to collect a great deal of these slips of paper), I will then utilise these pieces of paper to create an artwork; a great pile, or, more in y favour, a great wall of these delicate notes. Much like other monumental pieces of artwork, it is designed to overwhelm the viewer; creating a stark, deep response within the viewer’s minds, within their very soul. I do not mean to offend, nor do I mean to incite animosity amongst those who worship; I merely hope to move them, to maybe create a small part of that power and influence that god has over humanity, a concept that has fascinated and influenced our race for millennia. It’s merely a concept right now, but one that I hope to possibly create in the future.


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