Bronze Casting Workshop; a recap of the past two weeks

I have started a series of workshops that hopes to teach both myself, and a select few other students, how to create sculptures out of bronze. The workshops are going well, despite my missing of the first one (Luckily I have already done my plaster induction and therefore have not missed out on anything). The workshop is fascinating, allowing me to create moulds simply and effectively, and showcasing the facilities that the new building has. I have chosen to create a cast of a dead bird, as birds are often seen as quite ‘light’ beings; the juxtaposition of a dead bronze bird, one which is too heavy, and physically incapable of flying, is a very interesting concept indeed. I have also begun to experiment with different materials through this workshop; vinyl, wax, silicone and eventually bronze, allowing me to gain valuable knowledge from these works.

There have also been a few snags here and there throughout the workshops; the bird has had pieces fall off of him, as well as some of the casts coming out poorly, but these are problems that I hope can be rectified with further practice with the materials. I also intend to cast an actual bird carcass when I get the chance, but am struggling with actually finding a carcass to work with. When I look for one, I am unable to find one, and when I do not, I do! It’s incredibly frustrating at this point of time because of the laws surrounding the killing of birds, and they must be found dead to keep in line with these rules. So, at the moment, I am sticking with a fake bird that I crafted out of clay. He’s quite frwgile, but this lends itself well to the concept surrounding it.


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