Collage workshop: Procreate, 16/10/14



This is not the first time i’ve worked with procreate; the interview for this university actually involved the use of the tool as a means of measuring our ability, an therefore how well we would fit into the course. I’m not one for collage a lot of the time, but I found myself enjoying this a lot more than I originally thought; the ability to find images online and then put them into my work was both easy, and rewarding. It began to open up a lot of ideas within my mind about both composition and colour, the latter is one that I often don’t play around with, and it’s an interesting concept to be sure. The interesting thing about collage is that it seems to physically represent a thought process; a series of images that amalgamate to create one singular image, almost like how we gather and merge concepts and ideas in our heads to form our own opinions on things within our world. It’s an interesting idea for sure, and maybe I will continue to use collage in some way shape or form in the  future. It’s nice to know that I now have this experience with this branch of artwork, one that I have dismissed for years.

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