Beginnings of new work; Icarus 

A new year, and therefore a new beginning. For a while now I have lacked a lot of motivation, and have felt that when the new term began, my motivation would return to me, this wait has paid off, and I have found new motivation. The new project focuses on a work of art that we are exceptionally fond of, tasking us to utilise this work as a starting point, and derive a project from it. At first I was struggling with what artwork to go with; so many artworks that have had a lasting impression on me, where would I begin?

 Icarus 1882-4 by Sir Alfred Gilbert 1854-1934 Icarus 1882-4 by Sir Alfred Gilbert 1854-1934

(Images taken from

As  I ruminated upon this question, I chose to go to the National Museum within Cardiff for inspiration. Coming across works that hve inspired me in the past, I came to Auguste Rodin’s ‘Eve’, a fascinating sculpture of Eve at the moment of banishment from Eden. I thought this would be the one to inspire me, but alas, it did not. I didn’t really feel anything when I stood in front of it again, which saddened me a great deal, as it had been so influential in the past. Anyway, I wandered around the museum until I came across this piece; ‘Icarus’, by Sir Alfred Gilbert. At once it had me, the way the sculptor had formed the flesh within the medium, the wings, the sullen expression (not to mention the deeply symbolic story behind the piece), I at once felt like it was a perfect fit for my next project. Icarus is a fascinating figure within mythology, a boy gifted with with the power of flight, the power of the immortals, and at once is taken over by the sense of freedom and arrogance that comes with mortals being given the powers of the gods. Also, I’m a sucker for tragedies, and nothing speaks more of tragedy than a story where the main character dies.


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