Dead stars – crumbled




I’ve worked at the dead stars for a while now, i’ve researched creation methods and attempted to put my knowledge back into making them; but for some reason, they do not fuel me like they used to. I’ve attempted to create something magical, but the object does not match the idea, and therefore, I shall put them on hold for a short while.

Moving on, new work has begun to be produced; a short exit into childhood memories, and events that occurred throughout my days in primary school that have effected me in some way…A boy bringing a knife into school and threatening to slice people’s throats, a girl who thought she was a dog attempting to forcibly have sex with a boy two years her younger, mass beatings etc. I’m utilising the drawings as some form of therapy, as dawning on these memories often puts me into some form of stupor, and so have begun to create drawings in the form of a child;s drawings, in order to showcase my own experiences throughout primary school, and hopefully remind others of events that may have made them become who they are.

DSC_1599  DSC_1601



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