‘The Sum of it’s Parts’ – 10/07/14



The Exhibition poster, courtesy of The Modern Alchemists


Another fascinating exhibition by the Modern Alchemists at their space, The Abacus; and one in which I took part in, once again. The piece put forth into this exhibition was ‘The Cold Sun’, a piece of which I am very fond, and believe is one of my more successful pieces that I have made throughout the year. A cold, distant piece which echoes a concept that we, as humans, are not comfortable with; Our sun, our giver of life and the object that we perceive in our faith as our god, our father, turning cold and dying. What a terrifying concept that is, what a terrible future that it will be, as it awaits us far in the future.


Sarah looking at the piece, I wonder what she’s thinking…?

 DSC_1443 DSC_1445 DSC_1446

3 views of the piece


‘Tipping Point’, Christina Beck

An interesting piece that  I had already seen at the Howard Garden’s exhibition, but had not been interested it in large way before this exhibition. However, when it was laid out n this way, in a sorted, more organised form reminiscent of the work of Gabriel Orozco. The use of found objects, as well as artificial and cast objects by the artist creates an interesting connection between the relevance of humanity, within the degradation of objects created by our own hands.

 DSC_1447 DSC_1448





‘Embroidery No.3’, Laura-Jane Kitts

Very simplistic, but within this simplicity, lies an awful lot of beauty. The piece is wonderfully delicate, the embroidery spaced evenly throughout, giving a very spacious, almost transparent look to the shape created on the canvas. Embroidery is something that I have never looked at before with much interest, but here, I feel myself drawn within the medium. The colour scheme works on such a basic level, seemingly blending together ever so slightly at the edges, and therefore creating a ‘soft’ atmosphere to the piece.

 DSC_1450 DSC_1451

Ruth Hitchens

A good friend of mine from the third year, who has sadly left the university now. Ruth is n incredibly talented figurative artist, capable of creating so much with such little. Her work utilised very minimal brush strokes to create a realistic shape of a human being upon the canvas. I love how her work looks; the brush strokes, the colour scheme, the layout on the canvas…It all works within the pieces favour. It is also important to note that these paintings are of her boyfriend, one who she has shared a great deal of her life with, and therefore gives these images of him a much deeper, far more emotionally charged atmosphere to them; one that I love.

 DSC_1453 DSC_1454 DSC_1456

Carl Chappie

An incredibly talented figurative artist, one that I had not encountered before this exhibition, but quickly gained my respect for his sheer talent. His pieces are all A4 and under, and he is able to create immaculate detail and realism within his work despite these limitations; the second piece is even limited in its colour scheme, but is equal, if not greater, in contrast to his other piece of the woman. Although I myself am a sculptor, and even an abstract painter, I have always had a soft spot for figurative work, even hoping to gain a career in it when I was younger (the irony). I salute you Carl Chappie, you are doing great things for the face of portraiture.



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