Diary post 16/06/14; Lost momentum


Image taken from Piece seen in G39, a gallery near the centre of Cardiff

Motivation has escaped me as of late, I feel drained, and not up to the call of creating artwork. After the blow-out of the deadline, my creativity fizzled out after the resounding shout of the night before, and it has been hard getting back into the swing of things. A few sketches have been crafted here and there, and some small sculptures and concepts have been amalgamated both corporeally, and within my sketchbooks, but not much has come from these. I hate creative droughts, but I don’t feel any drive to create anything right now. It”s a massive shame, but I just don’t know why my lack of motivation has come around.

I am taking part in an exhibition this friday though, and I may be in an exhibition in August again; hopefully, these will push me to craft something new.


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