Documentation; 20/05/14

As of late, I have been focusing on expressing my creative outlets in ways other than art; I have been walking more, and exploring the areas of Cardiff in which I have no explored before. Art seems to have taken some form of back-seat, at least in a literal sense; but, this does not deter from artistic inspiration manifesting in a number of different ways throughout my normal life.

DSC_1232 DSC_1233

As we cleared away the spaces in university, I began to notice that some of the works I had created, I did not have any purpose for them, or any space for them to be stored in. As I began to notice the remnants of these pieces, I began to notice the fascinating forms that these objects created when broken and smashed together. The pieces are only partially covered in the white emulsion paint, the rest of it’s form remaining it’s original, weathered colouration. The form is strange to see, it’s an experiment into destruction as a form of creation; of the decayed being perceived as the beautiful; and that’s fascinating, to say the least.

I also decided, upon much rumination, to return ‘The Coop’ to it’s place of origin;

DSC_1234 DSC_1235

The piece seems ancient in origin, not through the aspect of time, but through an instinctive nature; the piece is ramshackle, in the sense of something crafted seemingly carelessly, and within this lies this primitive appearance. It seems to exist here on a spiritual level, as if nonument and place have become one; only interaction through human hands is the pivot of change, of momentum and evolution, and therein lies the magic of site-specificity, especially in relation to this work.

DSC_1236 DSC_1237 DSC_1238

It is small, in comparison to the area, but this does not matter. It’s empty form reflects a space, one which exudes loneliness, and therefore the size is completely relevant to the concept of the piece; it is a feeling sculpture, a corporeal manifestation of emotion.


I returned a week later to the site, in order to view the piece in a better light. Interestingly, I witnessed how it had not really changed, but has started to take on aspects of the environment it resides in; small plants had begun to grow amongst the cages form, and I don’t believe it will be long before it fully dissolves into the ‘spirit’ of the space. I am excited just thinking about it.


Also, another rather interesting thing happened in the canteen yesterday, as I waited for my assessment feedback, I became transfixed with a small sugar ring that my friend Emily had made with her finger; seemingly as simplistic as it gets, the circle appeared perfectly circular, purely from the incredibly simple action of pushing her finger into the sugar. A cup was then moved into the pile, and it was removed again, and this interesting shape was created; reminiscent, to me, of the sun appearing from behind the moon during an eclipse; how interesting it is, that such simple shapes can remind us of such momentous occasions.

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