Final Piece Evaluation; ‘The Shrine’

DSC_1173 DSC_1176 DSC_1174 DSC_1171



The Shrine is an incredibly interesting piece; As I crafted it, I was more interested in the actual materiality of the piece’s individual parts, the way that I grouped each distinct material utilised in the crafting of the piece was a simple experiment into grouping and separation. However, I soon realised that there was an over-arching connection between the different materials used in the creation of the original object; they are all a distinct grey colour, all suffering the same weathering and erosions of nature, pushing it into a seemingly uniform wash of Grey; much like the apparent colour of the city. As I began to arrange the differing objects taken from the original palette, I also noticed something very interesting about the way that I finally arranged them; there is a distinct ‘spiritual’ aspect to the piece; it appears at once like a mystical shrine; something pagan in nature, focused on the connections between the differing aspects of each material, the wood and the metal, one symbolising nature and growth, whereas the other symbolising the eternal stone beneath our feet.

There is also something interesting about the arrangement that the three sculptures are in; The ‘Cold Sun’ is high above the other two, symbolising a deity, far out of reach of our mortal clutches, whereas The ‘Bundle’ seems to resemble a plane, perhaps of existence, the place where we as mortals are chained to, and the ‘Cube’, with it’s entrancing, inherent optical illusion, resembles some form of shrine or religious monument that aims to connect both the spiritual world, and our corporeal world together. Such connotations are taken from such simple and mundane objects, but through my interference, I have both disguised the original function of the object, and objectified it, transcending it to a realm of symbolism; it has become a monument, and within this lies the beauty of the work.

I believe that there is also a lot of refinement to be done with this work; I originally wanted to whiten the individual pieces, to push them into a realm of Alabaster objectification, but I feel like doing this may remove the subtle beauty of the muted shades inherent in each sculpture. However, I believe that different arrangements of these objects could yearn different effects, and even though I am happy with the haunting allure of this piece, I believe I could bring forth far more powerful emotions from this object through a process of refinement, I will endeavour to work on this piece after this project.


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