Final Piece Evaluation; The Coop

DSC_1104 DSC_1028 DSC_1026



‘The Coop’ was one of those pieces that needs minimal experimentation before, minimal planning. The design seems to be inherent within you; as if it was etched into your brain by the long forgotten precursors of our race, it’s something you simply know how to make. Being a piece that is inspired by some of my strongest emotions, the Coop is an incredibly interesting piece indeed, it focuses on an emotion, much like many of my other artistic endeavours, but executes it so well I can scarcely believe my success with such a piece; Loneliness is the game here, and this piece plays it to win. The piece looms over us, hanging at a slight angle from the wall, prompting an uneasiness to surface in the mind of the viewer; the danger of it falling, of it breaking, it seems too much to bear at times. But, what is the worry of it falling? it is simply a series of crates tied together with string; ‘Ramshackle’ is the word that springs to mind when concerning such a piece, but yet we seem to perceive it as something more than these weathered and beaten crates. The materiality of the piece is mundane, the original function of it’s parts disguised in favour of it becoming a symbol of this loneliness I felt.

The piece looms over us, borrowing heavily from Minimalistic pieces that favour the uneasiness of gravity (Trip Hammer comes to mind), it seems to evoke a feeling of danger looming, even though it could not hurt us. The piece intimidates, it evokes fear in the viewer, it’s cage-like structure reminds one of a cage, of a coop where birds are kept; beautiful creatures that can fly and soar, and are never meant to be kept confined in a cage, or some other object such as this. It borrows heavily from my fascinations with Gestalt Theory, and the aspect of a sum of all parts, we percieve it as a solid object at first; a space in which we can see, and reach into, but cannot crawl into and reside in. We want to crawl into it, our curiosity moves us to curl up inside and hide from the outside world within it; but yet, we question ourselves, why would we want to crawl into this cage? why would we forcibly put ourself into such a confined space?

And Therein lies the magic of the piece; it accurately details the plight of contemporary living, the issues arising from our ‘homes’, our ‘apartments’ and ‘residences’, it is not open enough for us, it does not grant us the ability to spread our wings and fly, to explore the world for what it truly is! We cower within our own cages, within our own ‘self-made spaces’, waiting for our eventual death, waiting for nothing.

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